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I found Bride to Be Couture through a wedding dress website. I found a dress I loved on Pinterest, followed the link to find the brand, then searched where in my area I could find that dress…..BAM Bride to Be Couture!

I made an appointment as soon as they opened on a Saturday with Dina. At first, I didn’t think I would spend much time there because I just wanted to try on that one dress, then hop over to a fancy bridal store downtown. However, when my bridal party and I arrived that Saturday morning, Dina made everyone feel so great, that we stayed for about an hour. I loved how she got my party involved. Dina told everyone to pick one dress that they thought I would look great in, then she herself went and found a couple she thought I would love. I had a lot of fun trying on many different styles of bridal gowns, but the two I loved the most came from Dina’s selections.

As soon as I tried on the gown that was very similar to the one I found on Pinterest (same designer, slightly different style) I walked out and felt all glowy inside and out. However, I had another appointment to go to downtown and told Dina to write down my favorites, and I would call her back later in the week when I knew for sure. Dina had this look of confidence when I said this, like she knew I wasn’t going to find anything better and I would be back…..she was SO right!!

At the second stop, the experience was much different. I feel it is VERY important to mention this in the review because it helped me appreciate Bride to be Couture and Dina so much more! The fancy bridal store downtown was packed. Although I could tell the girls working there were all trying to be friendly you could tell they were a little overwhelmed. I told the girl that I was assigned what I was looking for, and instead of getting the bridal party involved (or myself for that matter) she went downstairs and looked for them herself. Only the employees can go get gowns. I guess this thing is liked by some people, but for me, it was kinda lame. I didn’t feel that same exciting experience of hunting for my wedding dress as I did at BTBC.

Obviously I called Dina back in two days and told her I wanted to come in and try on the two dresses she picked for me again and pick the final dress. When I went in, I felt that same giddy feeling as the first time putting on my gown and made my purchase. Dina kept me up to date on the arrival of my gown and when I went to pick it up she was once again so warm in her greeting. She makes me feel like a personal contact rather than another random customer. Oh, and she is a hugger…I like that too! 🙂

I have already set my appointment with her for my alterations (done in house which I love!) And I have complete faith that she will have me looking hot in my wedding dress! 😉

I highly recommend Bride to Be Couture for bridal gown shopping. They have a great selection of gowns and bridesmaid dresses, friendly, knowledgeable, and overall a fun and positive experience!

(Will update after alterations and wedding!)

– Heather C.

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