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The boutique was a perfect place to find my dress. The staff is knowledgeable and make the experience fun for everyone. When I first arrived Dina, the owner, inquired what I was looking for and while she was pulling dresses, she let me pick any dresses I wanted to try. Additionally she let the friends I brought with me to each pick a dress for me to try on. Each time I tried on a dress, she showed me different options of wearing the dress, and what can be done with alterations to modify the dress to my taste. She turned the lights of to see what it would look like in the evening, and showed me various vales and additions that would change up the look. She also let me and my bridal party alone for about twenty minutes so we could discuss the dress and drink our champagne. The stylist picked the dresses, spot on what I was looking for, The last one fit perfect, except it had a back and I wanted a blackless dress. She showed me all the possible ways she could alter the back so that I would have the blackless dress of my dreams, and I ended up picking this dress. I am excited to get is, so that I can see how it will be transformed. In addition to the beautiful dresses, and amazing experience, the prices were also very reasonable and I came in under budget for a designer dress.

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