From the world famous Chambre Syndicale in Paris directly to the grand maisons of Lacroix, Ungaro, Laroche and then onto Dior, Peter Langner, takes his amazing talent to Rome, where he has lived and created his own Casa di Alta Moda for the past twenty years.

Here in Rome, he has found some of the worlds finest Italian female artisans to cut, sew and embroider his creations, which are synonymous with style and refinement worldwide. His team is his extended family and it is out of devotion to creation and respect for one another’s talent, that the art of the spectacular wedding gown is born.

In 2004 Peter Langner opened a beautiful atelier on via di Porta Pinciana in the heart of Rome and in September 2006 Peter inaugurated his second store in Madrid.

Langner creations are now present on three Continents and in more than seventy stores.
In New York, in 2005, he was awarded ‘the Bridal Couture Award’ for International Couture designers and in Rome in 2006 he received the ‘International Giuseppe Sciacca’ prize for his renowned work.