Choosing A Wedding Gown

Choosing A Wedding Gown :

Starting Too Early or Too Late?

A marriage is a bond like no other.  A bride needs the perfect day, the perfect flowers, and of course the perfect dress. But when is the right time to start the search for that perfect dress? Is there such a thing as searching too early or even too late? Here is a breakdown on both topics; and you can be the judge.

Most weddings have an engagement of more than a year. If a bride starts the wedding planning with her dress, it is moving in the wrong direction. It is so much easier to plan an entire wedding around a theme and then work a dress into it, than do it backwards. To plan an entire wedding around a single dress would be almost impossible. Notice, I said, almost.

On the other hand beginning the search too late can be just as detrimental. This is a bad idea for several reasons. One of the main reasons is simply time. On average a wedding dress can take upwards of seven months to completely go through the alteration process. If the bride does not allow for this time, the alteration cost can sometimes triple just to put a rush on it. The bill for the big day will be large enough without tacking on unnecessary charges as well.

No bride wants to sacrifice her dream of walking down the aisle in her most impressive and beautiful dress. The dress she has envisioned since she was a little girl. It will take some planning; but finding, altering, and wearing the best dress can be done.

On a side note: to the future bride. Remember one thing, this is your day. Do not pick a dress to please your future husband or your family. You are wearing the dress and you should feel nothing less than royalty when you grace the pathway to your future husband.

— Posted on May 3, 2014 at 11:51 pm