Bridal Dress Sale

Prepping For The Bride To Be Couture Bridal Dress Sale And Discount Event

Now that you have found out about the largest Bride to be Couture Bridal Dress Sale and discount that has ever been offered, what is next?! Have you gotten together with your bridal party and planned a course of action in order to secure the dress of your dreams? What are you waiting for! Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Price: Face it, weddings are expensive and the most expensive piece at any wedding is the dress. It is important to have a price in mind before you start looking. If your budget for a dress is $5,000 then do not start your search in the $20,000 dress area.


Timing: Do not wait until the last minute to begin bridal gown shopping. In general it is averaged that a woman needs between three to six months to find the perfect dress and perform all necessary alterations on it before the big day. The longer you wait the less time you will have. And it is never good to rush when it comes to a dress.


Dress Code: This is something many brides fail to find out ahead of time. If you are being married in a church, or a specific house of worship, there may very well be a dress code. Some say that your shoulders cannot show while others say that the dress must touch the ground. Finding this out prior to shopping could save much heart ache.


Verify: it never hurts to call Bride to be Couture in advance to verify they have a certain designer in stock. While we work with designers such as Aire, Enzoani, and Madison James; you may want to confirm that we have a specific dress in our store before you come to look. We always suggest you come anyway. There are so many wonderful designers we keep in stock, we will have a dress for every taste.

— Posted on April 20, 2015 at 9:46 pm