(*UPDATED BELOW*) Bride to Be is the best bridal boutique we found in the Sacramento and Roseville area. The customer service was unparalleled, and it was by far the nicest experience I had searching for my wedding gown–which is why after going to four other boutiques, we came right back here and ordered my dress!

Dina, the owner, and the girls we met, Jeavoni and Tami, are so sweet and extremely helpful. The dresses ranged in cost, from affordable to very high end, and they were awesome about making sure we stayed in our price range.

One of the things we loved so much was just the little things they did. Bringing us chilled bottles of water, having a robe for me when we took a break, bringing out little chocolates. When we found a dress I loved, they would bring out jewelry and veils, so we could see the whole effect. There was no pressure at all, and we genuinely felt like they really wanted us to be happy, no matter if we found a dress today or later.

I ended up buying the second dress I ever tried on! It will take about three months to arrive, though I understand it can take much longer, depending on the season. Dina has responded to all of my emails and questions, and has gone beyond my expectations in working with us.

I am so happy that I chose Bride to Be, and cannot wait for my dress to come in! If you are looking for your wedding dress, I highly suggest you come here, as it will be the best experience you have!


My dress came in when it was supposed to, looking absolutely gorgeous! I took it home with me for a few months, and then . . . completely forgot about alterations until about a week before I had to leave for my wedding. I called Dina in a panic and they fit me in the next day, Oxana (I apologize, I think I have misspelled her name) the seamstress was amazing! She had it ready the next DAY and made it fit me like a glove. My mom was not that happy about the cost of the alterations, but we did a five point bustle, brought in the waist, let out the hips, and added cups. I believe that it was a fair and comparable price.

I got married last week and am sooo happy! The dress looked AMAZING. I still highly, highly suggest you get your dress here! Wonderful place and wonderful people. 🙂


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I had a great experience with Bride to Be Couture. My mom was in town for the weekend and I had noooo intentions of wedding dress shopping. Honestly, it was kind of something I was dreading because I didn’t know where to start. I found Bride to Be Couture on yelp and called and was able to make an appointment for the same day. I went in and met the owner Dina, told her what I wanted, and that I was on a tight budget. She pulled a few dresses for me. I LOVED the third dress I tried on, turns out it was a sample and it fit me perfectly. I bought it and was able to take it home! I did not expect to even dress shop and went home with a dress. Dina was very accommodating, helpful and of course they have gorgeous dresses! I highly recommend Bride to Be to any bride!


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I practically gave up on shopping for a wedding dress the day I came into Bride to be Couture. I literally went to over 5 dress shops with nothing that sparked my interest. I am new to sacramento so I yelp everything including where to shop for wedding dresses and that is how I found this gem!!! Thank you fellow yelpers!!! 😉

When I first walked in I was pleasantly surprise by the decor and ambience. I was greeted by Dina, the owner who was very pleasant. When I told her that my wedding is in 2 months (my fiance and I decided to elope after several failed attempts to plan a bigger wedding…it is about us at the end of the day, isnt it? LOL) she was not one bit reluctant to help me. Some others would have turned me away esp considering I didnt even have an appointment on that Saturday when I stopped by. But Dina was absolutely AMAZING!!!! she proceeded to explain that I would need to shop for dresses off the rack because there wouldn’t be enough time to order one. I told her about my budget of $500 and she totally understood and was not snobbish about my lower budget. I know some women spend ridiculous amounts of $$$$ on a wedding dress but I would rather spend money on jewelry (something that I can get use out of) or traveling some where beautiful…hence the reason we are eloping in Bali, Indonesia! Any how she does also have quite a collection of expensive wedding dress.

The dresses in her store is by far the best I have ever seen. I helped my 3 besties get their wedding dresses in nyc so I have some experience under my belt as to what constitutes a gorgeous wedding dress! Dina has a fantastic selection.

You can tell that Dina is passionate about what she does because it shows in her store ( it is well kept and super clean!) and extraordinary level of customer service (they offer you complimentary water or champagne).

I loved my experience and can’t thank Dina enough!! 🙂


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I had been to two bridal stores previously and found THE dress here. I made an appointment in advance and they were extremely accommodating, brought out tea, very helpful with accessories and trying on dresses. I was very impressed with all the flexibility they have with the designs – mixing and matching different beading and embroidery options, being able to add accents essentially wherever I wanted was much better than what the other stores had offered.

The dress selection is very extensive and impressive – a great variety of styles and there were several that I thought fit my ‘vision.’ Better than the two stores I tried previously, and very personal attention while trying on dresses. I didn’t feel rushed, harassed, or like they were trying to push any dresses extra costs on me. It was a great experience and I am very much looking forward to working with them over the next several months until the wedding. They bring out a few little perks at the end if you happen to find your dress here, and I won’t spoil the surprise 😉

Bottom line: Check this place out!!!!! They have amazing dresses and are amazing to work with!

Prices moderate for the time I was shopping, about typical for the nicer bridal stores – more than David’s bridal obviously. Probably pricier when they get all the new styles in.


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Thank you fellow Yelpers for leading me to this great family-owned bridal salon that I didn’t even know was in my own backyard in Carmichael.  This store really is a must-stop for Sac-area brides – the selection is fantastic, the prices are reasonable, and the customer service is the best.

I came in after work on a weekday evening after checking Yelp and Facebook and seeing Bride to Be was having a year-end sale of sample dresses.  I was greeted by the owner Dina and another friendly bridal consultant.  Dina was fantastic, she listened to what I was looking for and my budget, then she gave me enough space to browse their beautiful selection of gowns while also being helpful in pointing out other dresses I might like within my budget.   Of all of the bridal stores I’ve visited, this one by far had the best selection of dresses – the store is mid-sized but is not overstuffed or cluttered, rather, it has several tidy racks of well-chosen modern, timeless, and tasteful designer and non-designer gowns.  They also have seamstresses that can custom-make gowns.

Since none of my entourage is local, I was by myself and Dina helped me in and out of all of the dresses and gave me the time to mull over each dress.  I really appreciated how patient she was – she was all-around helpful and didn’t make me feel pressured or rushed at all.  Ultimately, I found and purchased a beautiful designer sample dress at a ridiculously awesome price.

The only thing I wasn’t entirely thrilled about is there are additional, relatively small but still annoying, charges for the special garment bag and shipping/handling for dresses.  It’s not uncommon for shops to include these charges and the dollar amount is not huge (total for everything was about $35 I think), but additional charges are a bit of a pet peeve of mine.  That being said, when I expressed my dislike of the extra charges, I felt Dina really listened to me and went out of her way to explain the charges so I felt much better about the situation.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my shopping experience at Bride to Be and will be returning to view bridesmaids dresses and bridal accessories.  The excellent customer service and gorgeous selection really set this store apart from the others, and I would recommend this to all Sac-area brides, especially when they are having a sample dress sale!


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I LOVE my wedding dress!!! I found my wedding dress here at a great price! Dina the owner gave me a good deal and was very helpful in selecting my dress. I was worried that I couldn’t find my dream dress within my budget after going into few other shops, but my worries stopped at Bride to be Couture!
If you want great deals, honest opinion, helpful staff, and stressful-free shopping experience, look no further! they also have bridesmaid dresses, veils and alteration at reasonable price.


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Pageant gals search no more!! I had been all around northern California AND Oregon looking for the perfect gown to compete in at state. The owner took me right over to the gown section asked me what I had in mind, then she started pulling dresses. They didn’t have much in stock since it is just after prom season but I still found a couple contenders. She willingly took one out of the window and allowed me to try on everything I wanted.

Also, the assistant was super helpful in the dressing room! She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable one bit, which can happen when your trying on dresses with the help of someone you just met.

I found the gown I loved and when I wanted to think about it they had no problem with me coming back. When I came back I wasn’t pushed right into a decision either, SO awesome!Once I decided this was my dress, the alterations lady came right up and fit it perfectly to me. I will look fabulous thanks to Bride to Be!!

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When I first walked in I had been discouraged by previous shops and the last minute nature of my search.

I’m very picky, I have a weird shape, and I had a very specific idea in mind. I perused a few dresses but my budget was less than $500. There were so many options, all incredibly gorgeous and reasonably priced.

Then Dina mentioned they custom make dresses and my mouth dropped.

A unique, personal, one of a kind dress for my special day? My wedding date was just a few weeks away but they assured me it could happen.

I acquired the fabric from a place they suggested and found the perfect lace and satin for my dress.

It was done quickly and efficiently, the seamstress was amazing, she worked with me and made my dress exactly as I wanted. I was so happy!

The wedding was great, but the best part was everyone complimenting my original, unique and completely person dress.



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I can’t even begin to explain how amazing my experience with Dina at Bride to be Couture was. WOW. Not only did I buy my wedding dress there BUT after it had already been ordered and my deposit was made I ended up finding another dress there that I liked even better.

I was so nervous I wasn’t going to be able to change to the dress I knew was perfect for me. I was so stressed because I had already bought a dress and found a style that was more suited for the theme of my wedding. Both dresses were equally GORGEOUS but the one I had to have was perfect for me and my wedding.

As soon as I called Dina and told her my doubts about the the dress I had purchased and how badly I wanted to try on the other dress she told me to come in right then and try on both dresses. She said that if the new dress was the one I had to have then we would make it happen. She went above and beyond to make sure I was happy when I left and I was just over the moon.

I left knowing I was going to get married in my dream dress and I wouldn’t have had that feeling if it weren’t for Dina! The whole experience at Bride to be couture is amazing. It is intimate, relaxed, fun, stress free and you are guaranteed to find your dream dress! The dresses there are all so beautiful!

The amazing service and the overall experience is just incredible! As a Professional Wedding Photographer myself, I will be referring all my brides who haven’t already found their dream dress straight to Dina! I can’t say enough good things about Bride to be Couture!

Thank you so much Dina for helping me find my dream dress!


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