Dina, Anita and Oksana make Bride To Be Couture the best bridal shop in town.
My experience started out a little bumpy when I moved too fast and chose my dress my first day out shopping. The price was right and I made an impulse buy on a nice sweetheart princess chiffon gown that the 12-year-old in me always wanted. Long story short, I ended up spending a lot of time in Bride To Be Couture with a very patient Anita and Dina and was able to find a different dress that suited me WAY better. I could not have done it without their help. They kept in touch with me on the shipping/arrival and when it was time to do the fittings Oksana did an amazing job. They even helped my mom find a beautiful gown and tailored it for her as well.
Thank you ladies, for everything. xo

– J R.

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I drove to B2B from out of town, and even though I came in 15 minutes after closing (i live farther away than i thought), Dina, the owner, was still there to greet me with a smile.   This place looks great and makes you feel great without breaking your wallet!

Dina invited me to peruse her store while she got the dressing room ready for me.  B2B is bright, open and airy, and had so many beautiful dresses!  I’ve been to other bridal stores that seem crowded and stuffy, but B2B is clean and modern, without feeling cold.

There were at LEAST 4 appointment stations that i noticed.  Each station had its own large dressing room,  tri-fold mirrors and pedestal (with spotlight), and a modern crescent shaped couch for your audience.  Plus, your consultant helps you get into your dress (some places make you fend for yourself).

Dina was warm, friendly, and informative.  she told me there were so many customization options for my dress, which i didn’t know till i got there.  She made me comfortable discussing them with her because she offered her insight and expertise without trying to sway me this way or that.  And even though it was already an hour past closing at that point, she didn’t rush me when i was trying to pick between ivory lace and white lace (those are the kind of decisions that will keep you up at night).

I’m so happy i found Bride to Be and bought THE dress that day.  Her prices are fair and actually $100 cheaper than the quotes i got for the same gowns at other stores.  Dina sent me a follow up email the next morning, saying thank you and updating me on the progress of my order.  She responds quickly to email and I can’t wait till I go back to pick up my dress!

B2B also has an in house seamstress, so they can do alterations for you.  The pricing and turnaround times she mentioned are better than what i’ve shopped around for.  Thanks Dina and B2B!

– Trish G.

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I found Bride to Be Couture through a wedding dress website. I found a dress I loved on Pinterest, followed the link to find the brand, then searched where in my area I could find that dress…..BAM Bride to Be Couture!

I made an appointment as soon as they opened on a Saturday with Dina. At first, I didn’t think I would spend much time there because I just wanted to try on that one dress, then hop over to a fancy bridal store downtown. However, when my bridal party and I arrived that Saturday morning, Dina made everyone feel so great, that we stayed for about an hour. I loved how she got my party involved. Dina told everyone to pick one dress that they thought I would look great in, then she herself went and found a couple she thought I would love. I had a lot of fun trying on many different styles of bridal gowns, but the two I loved the most came from Dina’s selections.

As soon as I tried on the gown that was very similar to the one I found on Pinterest (same designer, slightly different style) I walked out and felt all glowy inside and out. However, I had another appointment to go to downtown and told Dina to write down my favorites, and I would call her back later in the week when I knew for sure. Dina had this look of confidence when I said this, like she knew I wasn’t going to find anything better and I would be back…..she was SO right!!

At the second stop, the experience was much different. I feel it is VERY important to mention this in the review because it helped me appreciate Bride to be Couture and Dina so much more! The fancy bridal store downtown was packed. Although I could tell the girls working there were all trying to be friendly you could tell they were a little overwhelmed. I told the girl that I was assigned what I was looking for, and instead of getting the bridal party involved (or myself for that matter) she went downstairs and looked for them herself. Only the employees can go get gowns. I guess this thing is liked by some people, but for me, it was kinda lame. I didn’t feel that same exciting experience of hunting for my wedding dress as I did at BTBC.

Obviously I called Dina back in two days and told her I wanted to come in and try on the two dresses she picked for me again and pick the final dress. When I went in, I felt that same giddy feeling as the first time putting on my gown and made my purchase. Dina kept me up to date on the arrival of my gown and when I went to pick it up she was once again so warm in her greeting. She makes me feel like a personal contact rather than another random customer. Oh, and she is a hugger…I like that too! 🙂

I have already set my appointment with her for my alterations (done in house which I love!) And I have complete faith that she will have me looking hot in my wedding dress! 😉

I highly recommend Bride to Be Couture for bridal gown shopping. They have a great selection of gowns and bridesmaid dresses, friendly, knowledgeable, and overall a fun and positive experience!

(Will update after alterations and wedding!)

– Heather C.

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Went back to bride to be Couture this past weekend for my first fitting, the new space is awesome! So open and well designed. The consultant Monica has made this process awesome and smooth, I am so thankful for her. I am so happy to have had such a wonderful team helping me with what could have been an incredibly stressful experience. My dress was even more beautiful than I remembered and even when I informed the team at bride to be I was needing to fly to Southern California with my dress, they were so helpful and gave me a pick up date for alterations that worked perfectly into our schedule. The entire appointment was quick, efficient and well scheduled. I highly encourage anyone needing a wedding dress to visit bride to be couture and if you have the opportunity to request an appointment with Monica, do it! She is the kindness, most genuine and enthusiastic consultant–thank you!

– Alexandra B.

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After going to multiple bridal salons, a friend suggested that I try Bride to Be. I am SO happy that I did. Where to even begin?
After multiple appointments and feeling like I was starting to see a sea of white, I was able to not only find my dress, but enjoy the experience.
Monica was my consultant, and I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to have been placed with her. She was patient, kind, clam, and more importantly provided me with guidance and help when I needed it the most. I said “yes to my dress” here and will more than likely be getting our bridesmaids dresses here as well! I HIGHLY recommend Monica at bride to be! Enjoy brides!

– Christine J

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This place is hands down the best bridal salon I went to when I was searching for my wedding dress. That’s not to say that the others weren’t good, it’s just that this place takes the cake!
I was lucky enough to have the sweetest consultant – the owner herself! Dina was so knowledgable and helpful and made the experience fun and light! I was a little tired of dress shopping by the time I got to the store, but everyone who worked there made it seem like I was doing it again for the first time!
The salon itself also looks like a bridal salon you’d see on a TV show (like Kleinfeld). It made the whole experience that much more fun! Plus, at the end of the appointment, you really do get to say “yes to the dress” and celebrate with champagne (or cider) with your entourage.
Please, please give this place a try if you’re looking for a place to go. I’m so happy I decided to make the drive out!

– Annie B.

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Bride to be Couture, was the first bridal shop that I visited.

Anita was so helpful; she listened to what I was looking for and brought out a variety of dresses for me to try.  Anita’s experience and care to detail was illustrated in the care she took to find the perfect dress.  By using dress accessories, she went to the extra effort to create different options out of several dresses.  I found a beautiful dress that felt perfect.

After going to other bridal shops, it was apparent that Bride To Be Couture was by far the shop that had the most options and best service.

I went to back to Bride To Be Couture and said “yes to my dress.”

I couldn’t be happier with my dress and the experience at Bride To Be Couture.

Thank you, Anita!

– Hayley T

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Dina is awesome! She is very personable and will do everything she can to help a bride find the dress of her dreams!


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The boutique was a perfect place to find my dress. The staff is knowledgeable and make the experience fun for everyone. When I first arrived Dina, the owner, inquired what I was looking for and while she was pulling dresses, she let me pick any dresses I wanted to try. Additionally she let the friends I brought with me to each pick a dress for me to try on. Each time I tried on a dress, she showed me different options of wearing the dress, and what can be done with alterations to modify the dress to my taste. She turned the lights of to see what it would look like in the evening, and showed me various vales and additions that would change up the look. She also let me and my bridal party alone for about twenty minutes so we could discuss the dress and drink our champagne. The stylist picked the dresses, spot on what I was looking for, The last one fit perfect, except it had a back and I wanted a blackless dress. She showed me all the possible ways she could alter the back so that I would have the blackless dress of my dreams, and I ended up picking this dress. I am excited to get is, so that I can see how it will be transformed. In addition to the beautiful dresses, and amazing experience, the prices were also very reasonable and I came in under budget for a designer dress.


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I could not have had a better experience with Bride to Be Couture! After finding a few styles on Pinterest I was dying to try, I found both of them listed online at BTBC. Their selection is amazing! From the first email, Dina was so kind, patient, and informative. We were so lucky during our appointment to have no walk in traffic so we had a very private appointment, and Dina & Anita were SO accommodating to my large group of ladies. I had the pleasure of working with Anita at my appointment. She is so sweet and really listened to what I wanted, and even though I came in with a list of styles I wanted to try on, it was the dress SHE picked that I ended up choosing! She has an amazing eye for finding the right style to suit the bride, and the right shape to flatter her figure. She made me feel so comfortable and pretty throughout my appointment, and all of her suggestions were so honest and perfect. I’m so glad this is the first and only shop I went to. BEST experience I could’ve imagined. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANITA! XOXO Summer

-Summer, Wedding Wire User

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