Wedding dress shopping experience

“We understand the importance of finding the perfect gown for our bride’s special day and our honored to share this experience with you.”

You said yes to the groom but not yet to the dress. As one of the most important details to the big day, finding ‘The Dress’ can be a world-wind and we at Bride to Be Couture wanted to share a few dress tips from our experience in the bridal boutique industry. Our ultimate goal as a bridal boutique is to eliminate any unnecessary stress from dress shopping and make sure every bride steps into their gown on their wedding day with no lesser feeling than amazing as they walk down the isle.

1. Find a bridal shop fit for you.

Get a head start to give yourself plenty of time, you never want to be rushed when looking for ‘the dress’. First off, you must find the bridal shop that is fitting to your styling needs as well as knowledgeable and trusting, then make an appointment. Keep in mind the ordering process may take 8-9 months which does not include alterations- the earlier the better.

2. Finding the perfect fit with the right surroundings.

Appointment is set and time to find the perfect fit. Trust your bridal experts, let them listen to your needs and find you a variety. Don’t bring too many guests, opinions are nice but make sure they are supportive of your vision and do not take away from that ‘feeling’ when you know it’s ‘the one’. Be picky on who joins you, it is your day to shine, not others opinions. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask if something can be altered at any time- you may like the neckline but not the sleeves and it can usually be altered.

3. You find ‘The One’.

You know it’s ‘the one’ and this is when everything starts moving quickly, the big day seems to creep closer and your list is growing with things to do. Your dress is ordered and your bridal shop should strive to take care of all the details with a mission to avoid any extra stress. Make sure to communicate with your bridal experts all alternating plans and additions as well as any weight loss intentions so they can determine important time-frames.

4. The package has arrived.

One of the most important parts of wedding preparation is alterations. We suggest getting in as early as possible to have them finished by at least one month in advance. Bring accessories and the shoes you will be wearing or at least a pair that are the same height. Bring any lingerie you will be wearing under the dress to ensure every piece fits right together. If something is not perfect, do not be afraid to speak up at any time, modifications can be done on any pieces and last minute details can be added. Never leave your fitting feeling any less than perfect- the very same feeling you should have as you step out to walk down the aisle.

Steps for the wedding dress shopping experience






— Posted on December 16, 2014 at 5:36 pm