Sacramento Bridal Boutique Mother of the Bride

Sacramento Bridal Boutique Mother of the Bride

How to Keep your Cool and Still Look Fabulous!

All the staff at Bride To Be Couture love to cater to the bride to be, but what about the mother of the bride? She shall not be forgotten by any means. Often times the mother of the bride experiences just as much stress as the bride. She just learns how to contain it. We pride ourselves in carrying a full line of mother of the bride dresses by Janique. This is to allow that special moment to still be fabulous and not exclude anyone from exhilarating sheer beauty.

So how does the mother of the bride contain herself in such stressful moments? Does she cry behind closed doors or scream at the top of her lungs while she is alone? In most cases the answer to that question would be no. Most likely she does follow a set of unwritten laws for mothers.

It is said that a mother of the bride should do only what is asked of her, and not a stitch more. This is very serious because the bride or groom may have already delegated a task to someone else. So there shall be no stepping on anyone’s toes over responsibilities.

If there is one thing a mother of the bride should be good at it is throwing a party! So make the shores into a party. Bouquet prep, chair arrangement, food choices; make them into mini parties and invite a few close friends to bounce ideas off of.

These and many more tasks can be done before that mother of the bride dress is picked out. Just remember one thing, color. Stay away from a white dress. Allow the bride to be the one and only clad in white if she wishes. We can recommend several great selections from the Janique line to steer you in the right direction.

Sacramento Bridal Boutique The Mother of the Bride

— Posted on May 9, 2014 at 6:12 am