3 Important Rules for Your Sacramento Prom Dress

3 Important Rules In Regards To Your Sacramento Prom Dress

Young adult Susie is whining that she wants this particular Sacramento Prom Dress to wear to the huge formal event at her high school. While the show is in full effect there is mom, arms crossed in front of her with an eyebrow raised wondering when in the world prom dresses changed! They are quite often compared to formal dresses now, instead of prom dresses. They are silk, satin, framed and sculpted to your daughter now instead of bought off of a rack. So much for mom to take in, but wait there’s more.

What about the student made etiquette of prom? There is a certain criteria that these kids have to uphold, else they will be made an example of.

  • Length: Apparently in high school this is major. The only ones permitted to wear long dresses are the actual seniors. The younger students that are with the senior men are allowed to wear shorter ones.
  • Couples: In fact you do not have to be dating to go to prom together. It is actually strongly suggested that you go with friends because it is after all a large get together for friends bringing a huge chapter of their lives to a close before they move on to the next one.
  • NO Duplication: Under no circumstances is it acceptable for two young ladies to wear the same dress. It is in fact not even acceptable for a junior to wear a shorter version of the same dress a senior is wearing. In order to avoid duplication propose a social network be made for the senior class wear dresses can be displayed and claimed.

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3 Important Rules for Your Sacramento Prom Dress

— Posted on May 4, 2015 at 4:18 pm