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Tips To Being The Perfect Sacramento Bridal Shop; Focus On The Bride.

Once you walk into Bride to be Couture you will know you are inside of the one and only Sacramento Bridal Shop that cares about everything ‘Bride’. This week a gown arrived in our store that is amazingly stunning in every way and it triggered an ides in my mind for a blog. Many brides need help determining the difference between what looks elegant and what looks cheap. This particular ball gown for instance is lace and crystal embellished with the most gorgeous skirt. Giving the impression of almost an angelic appearance. This is the feeling that most brides seek in a gown, not an impersonation of something from the stone ages, or worse.

There are some telltale signs to help a soon to be bride determine if it is time to say ‘Yes to the Dress’ or to keep looking.

  • Too white can be too harsh. Brides are more appealing in an off white, beige, or even a cream based ivory color.
  • High quality material always trumps low quality or even synthetic material. At Bride to be Couture we ensure all of our bridal gowns are made with the finest materials.
  • Leave the mystery of what is under the dress for your groom. Giving sneak peeks with plunging necklines, high slits, and even sheer panels gives a sense of cheapness.
  • Be kind to your breasts! Too often time’s women have a breast panel so tight it looks like some sort of punishment is being performed. Do not fall into this trap. Our seamstress Oksana will make certain your dress will look stunning, including your breasts in it.
  • Keeping it calm is always better. You do not need a veil, tiara, excessive embellishments, large earrings, and bulky jewelry. The wedding is about you and your groom; keep it that way.

At Bride to be Couture we are happy to help any bride find the perfect dress for her. Even if it is not the beautiful ball gown that arrived this week, we are certain we have the perfect dress for your perfect occasion.

— Posted on June 15, 2015 at 2:17 pm