Perfect Gift for the Blushing Bride

Perfect Gift for the Blushing Bride

Are you dealing with a couture bride? If the answer is yes, then the gift you present must be perfect for her. It takes an abundant amount of effort to maintain a certain status quo for a bride, let alone a couture bride. Look over the options carefully before a final decision is made. Feel free to get advice and suggestions from friends and family. If the bride recommends something, go with it! Having as little stress or confusion put in her lap on her day; the better.

Option 1: You can never go wrong with jewelry, except if it is too big and gaudy. So stay simple and classy. This would be much like a Nanette bracelet or a pair of very basic Coin Pearl Drop earrings. Stay within the theme of white, regardless of the number of marriage this is for the bride or groom.

Option 2: Bedroom attire is fun for both partners, as long as it is sexy yet classy. Notice I said classy and not trashy? There is a huge difference. Good ideas here are maybe a Dulce Lace robe and panty set or even a lace bralette and panty set. Either way going with lace is always a winner!

Option 3: This one is often disregarded and certainly should not be. There are several different types of cookbooks out there, but one in particular would be ideal. Newlyweds are always looking for more time to spend with each other during the first year of their budding marriage and the art of cuisine has not let them down. There are cookbooks geared directly towards newlyweds. They are fast, healthy, and couple friendly meals explained in them. Not only does this leave very little room to stress over meals, it also opens the window for the couple to cook together. Side note: you can learn allot of someone in the kitchen.

You certainly cannot go wrong with any one of these three options. The gift bearer is such an unappreciated position often times, do not let your gift be the one that is forgotten.

— Posted on May 27, 2014 at 7:57 pm