Instead of Rice- A Few Different Wedding Send-Off Ideas

The bride has walked the isle, worked the dance floor, smeared the cake, and even magically made one of All The Single Ladies into a bride-to-be. The grand finale is now approaching. The time has come to say goodbye to wedding guests and hello to a future as one. Standing hand in hand the newlyweds step into the path of life together with bridal party and guests on both sides ready to send them off in style with best wishes and good fortune.

As one of the oldest wedding traditions the send off was typically done with the throwing of rice. It is not certain when or where throwing rice on the newlyweds originated, but it is thought to have stemmed from an ancient pagan tradition of throwing rice on a couple in order to wish them a fruitful, wealthy and prosperous union.

This tradition has not faded but instead has altered in creativity over the years with more colorful, bright, and unique goodbyes full of good wishes. From sparklers to sprinkles or even popcorn, we tracked down just a few of the endless ideas to toss along the newlywed’s path towards a “Just Married” chariot.

Sprinkles instead of rice for and extra sweat send off and speckles of color in photos. Personalize your bag like these on












Movie lovers or popcorn lovers, either way these party favors from Etsy are adorable and who doesn’t love throwing popcorn in the air- try to avoid butter, it might get a bit messy.














Heart Shaped Sparklers- Light up the path to your future with these heart-shape sparklers full of love found at



— Posted on August 13, 2014 at 4:04 pm