Dress Alterations : The Often Forgotten but Most Important Step!

Dress Alterations : The Often Forgotten but Most Important Step!

You have worked so hard and built up to this day; do not forget to have the alteration appointment. You have put many years into finding the right man for you, the exact venue for you, and even picking out the perfect cake; don’t forget that dress! At Bride To Be Couture we make sure that any alteration be handled as an exact science so that you look fabulous in your dress!

We all know that taking a dress in is much easier than letting it out. This is said for a reason. Once you have that perfect dress and it barely fits, do a little cardio weeks and even months prior to your special day in order to make it a bit easier on the seamstress, and yourself. The stress of a wedding can be the bearer of added weight, but if you handle every point of the wedding with grace and a perfect mastered schedule the stress should be gone.

At Bride To Be Couture we always remind our brides to be to bring their shoes that they are going to be wed in with them to their alteration. This is because we want the moment to be exact. It is always a good idea to bring a piece of strapless lingerie as well to wear under the dress. To be able to mimic that day as closely as possible is much needed to get exact measurements. This is the best time to see if you need an added cup in the dress or if the length needs to be adjusted. Just remember to bring the same exact shoes and undergarments with you at all of your fittings.

Altering a wedding gown is a science and our staff at Bride To Be Couture is happy to assist you as well. Feel free to give us a call direct at 916-972-8223 to schedule a fitting.

Dress Alterations : The Often Forgotten but Most Important Step!

— Posted on July 3, 2014 at 9:38 pm