Design The Perfect Bridal Gown That Cannot Be Found

From the bride to the mini bride tossing a basket of flowers behind – every gown must be ‘the’ perfect gown to make a bride’s walk down the isle. From head to toe designed exclusively as one of a kind, a guarantee comes with every gown designed by the bride to be then brought to life by this talented seamstress team!

A team of highly skilled seamstresses paying the closest of attention to every last detail and imagination, of the future dress owner, come together to develop the gown every bride searches day and night for. Starting the process with a simple idea, a pen and paper to design, and then the magic begins as creative minds join to develop one gown.

To match the bride for her big day this young lady’s gown was designed for the perfect pair. Measurements were done, design was mapped out, and the seamstress was on their way through a world of creativity. With each stitch of thread and bow tied, Bride To Be Couture’s team of seamstress remain on track, communicating details to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction within a reasonable time.

Time for details and design is a must as every gown is unique to the imagination and cannot be thrown together with a quick needle and thread. Bride To Be Couture’s talented team of seamstresses take every project very seriously with our philosophy in mind the entire process, “Only the best will do when saying I do”.

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— Posted on July 8, 2014 at 7:05 pm