Bridal Dress Sale And Discount For Your Special Day!

5 Distinct Ways To Find A Bridal Dress Sale And Discount For Your Special Day!

While it is in the best interest of every soon to be bride to come to Bride to be Couture and say ‘Yes’ to their dress we realize not every bride can do that. There are so many other avenues to consider when looking for a true Bridal Dress Sale and discount sore. Whether it is online shopping, window shopping, or hunting for well into months; finding the perfect dress can and will take time and patience. Here are some alternatives to check into and if you do not find that dress for you, Bride to be Couture will still be here to help you.

  • Go Thifty! The local thrift store or vintage clothing store is an excellent option to look. Instead of it being a dress hunt make it a sort of dress treasure hunt. Take your bridal team with you and let them help you! There is nothing wrong with wearing vintage.
  • Garage Sales! Nowadays people even post their garage sales on social media platform boards so you can shop online before checking them out in person. This could be a fun weekend plan for you and your bridal team.
  • Not a Dress! Not every bride has to wear a dress remember. There are designers who have dabbled and perfected the art of the bride wearing a pant suit and making it fabulous.
  • Prom Dress! Have you seen a white prom dress before? There are some styles out there that look like exquisite wedding gowns. Do not underestimate the prom dress. With a few alterations it may be the perfect fit for your special day.
  • Sweepstakes! There are wedding sweepstakes online that you can apply for. Some vote on the most compelling proposal or wedding plan. Either way you could in a free dress.

Whatever avenue you use to find a dress Bride to be Couture can still help with alterations. Please contact us at 916-972-8223 to schedule a consultation.

5 Distinct Ways To Find A Bridal Dress Sale And Discount For Your Special Day!

— Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:47 pm