Are You Ready To Design Your Own Dress?

Are You Ready To Design Your Own Dress?

Your fiancé and you have finally set the date and now you need to decide on the dress. Are you going to design your own dress or find one off the rack? That is a big decision and could be the most important one of the entire wedding.

Too often times a bride to be thinks she can just simply copy another designer and say it is her own thoughts. This is not a good idea, especially since these designers work extremely hard and their masterpieces can be spotted in an instant! One thing you do not want is to be called out on a false design.

However, the upside of designing your own dress at Bride to be Couture is the fact that we actually get to work hand in hand with renowned dress designer, Elizabeth Galindo Roberts, PHD. She will personally consult on your custom made dress for the special occasion.

You simply let your taste and your love for fashion flow and then the designing team will take over from there. The ideas of some of these dresses that have come out of this shop have been absolutely fabulous! When you design your own dress you are literally taking all of your unique likes and allowing us to put them on paper and into a dress.

One benefit I must point out here with designing a wedding dress is the fact that there is no stress on your part. Our design team works for you. If you like the avenue they are going down, they will continue. If you do not like the avenue they are going down, then they start over. There is no question that all of us as Bride to be Couture understand that this is your day. And first and foremost, you come first.

— Posted on May 21, 2014 at 9:09 pm